Lisa İplik

Lisa İplik Sanayi, iplik sektöründe 2019 yılından bu yana faaliyet göstermektedir.

With our Lisa Iplik brand, we are developing a yarn supply service to local and global manufacturers based on the production experiences gained in the sector since 1960.

We offer yarn types such as polyester, nylon, staple, dyed or raw, to our customers. Our products are preferred for their quality in all areas of textile production, including home textiles, curtain fabrics, men's and women's clothing, labels and socks sectors.

As Lisa Iplik, we dye all our yarn types in our yarn dyehouse, which was established by closely following the technology. We carry out all of our production by protecting nature with the energy we obtain from our wind turbines belonging to our company.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality, innovative, and value-creating products manufactured based on our service understanding that adopts high customer satisfaction as a principle.

We promise to work with a team spirit that always keeps the success bar high and respects the customers' priorities, without giving up the quality of production and supply process.

Batmaz Tekstil started its activities as a local business in Bursa. Today it is a supplier that offers unique collections to leading brands in the fashion world, especially in Europe.


Üretim kapasitesinin %80’i; İtalya, Almanya, Hollanda, İngiltere, Fransa, Japonya,
İspanya, ABD, Kanada, Avustralya, Yunanistan ve Rusya gibi rekabetin zorlu olduğu pazarlarda başarıyla değerlendiriliyor.


Entegre üretim tesisinde, uluslararası test standartları doğrultusunda; iplik ve kumaş boya, sentetik ve doğal iplik aktarma, armürlü ve jakarlı dokuma işlemlerini gerçekleştiriliyor.
Tüm çalışmalar %100 tekrarlanabilirlik ilkesinde yapılıyor.

Our Promises

While performing our jobs, we follow working principles that became our roadmap.

Their examples are included in every job we perform, and we also make our decisions in line with these principles.

Prioritizing customers
Growth-oriented and competitive
Owning the company
Consistent and disciplined
Good command of work and company operation
Raising the value


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